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Branding with
Global Recognition

Haptik comes from a multinational team with experience in brands from East and West. It will be able to help you deeply sort out the positioning of your target market, grasp the landing resources, establish links with the international market, and promote your brand to new markets for rapid internationalization.

Keeping Pace with
Market Changes

Haptik's professional brand management and design team will assist you in brand diagnosis, re-align with the current market, and optimize the brand communication model for non-existent products.

Crafting Brands that
Resonates from Within

Haptik's professional brand management and design team will quickly and efficiently assist you in sorting out your market positioning, expounding your unique startup vision, and creating a startup brand that can impress consumers and investors.

Your A-Z
Brand Consultant

Haptik's professional brand management and design team provides you with a variety of professional brand management and consulting solutions. One plus one is greater than two, becoming a strong backing for corporate brands.

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Brand diagnosis

Haptik's professional brand management and design team provides you with a variety of professional brand management and consulting solutions. One plus one is greater than two, becoming a strong backing for corporate brands.

Internal company interview
Interviews with external partners
Industrial research and market information collection
Environmental analysis
Market size estimation
Industry changes and Market risk forecasting
Industry fashion trends
Analysis of company operating resources
Product analysis
Competitive product analysis
Recommended market entry point
Enterprise advantage resources
Product positioning and market segmentation
Brand keyword association
Customer journey and brand touch points
Brand marketing plan
View product Launch Strategy GTM Strategy


Brand strategy

Transform the entry points of domestic and foreign markets and formulate a brand policy, including a clear positioning of the brand vision, brand mission and core values, and establish a brand story with rendering power and a brand slogan with memory points.

Brand story
The purpose of the brand's existence
Positioning brand vision and mission
Brand core values
Brand gene (personality)
Brand voice (tone of voice)
Communication strategy formulation: style, elements, and methods


Brand identity design

Transform the brand strategy into a brand identity design system. From vision, product packaging, website to space, show the brand's excellent and extraordinary domestic and foreign market image, brand story and core values

Brand identity and image touch point planning
Basic brand identification
Logo and identification specification
Examples of misuse of signs and identification
Brand font system
Brand image elements
Brand color planning and use collocation
Brand recognition auxiliary graphics
Brand image style setting
Design specifications for marketing materials
Office application system design
Public relations gift planning and design
Exhibition planning and design
Brand uniform design
Community design application specification


Brand management

Multinational teams provide brand internalization courses for companies to help internal teams build brand consensus. Provide suggestions and application process education for projects such as international trademark layout and intellectual property protection

Brand Internalization and Management course
Brand organization and establishment process
Brand global layout planning and education
Guidance on compliance with brand design and use specifications
One-to-one consultation: telephone or video
Consultant field seminar

Haptik blends global expansion with creative brand strategy
Supporting numerous brands in market benchmarking and collaborative growth for extraordinary success

Haptik supportsTaiwan's Yaofei Projectguiding companies in building international brands for the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Haptik is the first choice for overseas brands in North America, and the best local management partner. Through the introduction of marketing resources in the United States and Taiwan, help your brand successfully enter the international market.

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