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群眾募資 Crowdfunding

Professional crowdfunding to achieve more dreams

North American Crowdfunding

The biggest difference between our crowdfunding service and others is our customization process. We will first conduct a market survey to determine the best fundraising direction, and we have someone responsible for each process, including content production, copywriting, marketing, strategy, advertising, Internet celebrities and media. In addition, we have actual locations and local talents and resources in North America, and we are familiar with e-commerce gold logistics in North America. We can not only help customers sell on Kickstarter, but also help customers continue their marketing energy and achieve sustainable development after Kickstarter ends. Let us work with you to create a successful crowdfunding project!

We disrupt the norm to bring you the most adaptive strategies to tackle crowdfunding

In-depth market research

In order to ensure the success of your crowdfunding project, we focus on the customization process. Before launching crowdfunding, we will go through in-depth market research and strategic planning, and through professional market research to understand the outline of your product and the issues that potential buyers are concerned about, and use this as a basis to formulate the best way to raise funds. Direction. We believe that only in this way can we provide you with high-quality customized services and help you successfully build crowdfunding projects.

Tailored strategies

The success of the fundraising strategy lies in the use of different marketing funnel methods to attract the right supporters, and different products have different practices on each funnel. For example, a high-end coffee brand may focus on the marketing of influential social media influencers, while a handicraft manufacturer may use word-of-mouth and brand stories to increase their exposure. We understand that each product is unique, so we will design a personalized marketing strategy for you based on your product characteristics and target customer base to achieve maximum fundraising benefits.

Create interest and increase exposure

Viral Videos

Create informative videos to introduce your product

Lead Generation

Generate effective leads that actually convert

Social Media

Expand brand exposure through social media and online channels

Increase conversion rates and collect supporters

Campaign Updates

Active Interaction with backers to keep them posted

Generate Buzz Thru Forums

Lead discussions on Reddit and other forums to hype up your products

Landing Page Creation

Create eye-catching pre-launch page to attract potential backers

Evaluation & Purchase
Decision-making and purchase

Crowdfunding Video Creation

Create a crowdfunding video that is hard to forget

Campaign Story

Deliver your campaign story in a clear and logical format

Reward Strategy

Design a reward system that appeals to a wide spectrum of backers

Loyalty & Advocacy
Relationship maintenance and loyalty

Logistics Arrangement

Arrange your logistics prior to production can ensure smooth delivery

Post Campaign Updates

Build trust and loyalty with backers via post-campaign updates

Exclusive Reward

Offer backers exclusive discounts to to strengthen customer loyalty

Creative videos

On the Kickstarter platform, only 40% of fundraising cases are successful. And those successful cases have very creative and professional videos that use images to tell their stories. Our film production team spans the North American and Taiwan markets, and is good at script planning, shooting, post-editing and other production tasks to ensure that your film meets the needs of the North American market, thereby helping you convert potential customers.

Content with story

We know the importance of content production in fundraising projects. Therefore, our team is very professional, with professional writers and content design talents from the United States, who can easily write attractive fundraising stories and use creative design to make the page more lively and interesting, attracting people to learn more about your project. We are committed to making your project stand out and improving the success rate of fundraising.

Good story content
Achieve your overseas fundraising journey!

In-depth advertising

Our in-depth advertising strategy targets different target groups to present the most attractive advertising content in the most economical way. We are constantly adjusting our delivery strategies to ensure the best results of advertising. Through our advertising strategy, your Kickstarter Campaign will be able to spread more widely and attract more potential sponsors.

Diverse net celebrity strategies

Our diversified net celebrity strategy combines different types of net celebrities, suitable for different product types and target groups. We have established good cooperative relations with various social influencers to ensure that your Kickstarter campaign can spread through influencer channels and attract more fans and supporters. Not only that, we will also create a unique Internet celebrity marketing strategy for your campaign to ensure that your campaign gets sufficient exposure and brand value on the Internet.

Multi-angle media management

We have extensive experience in media exposure. We are not only good at writing press releases and media kits, but also at finding the most suitable media for reporting. Through media exposure, we can increase the visibility and credibility of our products and increase the trust of our supporters in the products.

Brand sustainability after fundraising

We not only provide successful fundraising services, but also are committed to allowing our customers to successfully develop their brands. We have extensive logistics experience in North America, which can help customers deliver products to consumers smoothly. In addition, we provide follow-up marketing solutions that can help customers maintain interaction with supporters, transform them into loyal customers, and enhance brand reputation. Our professional team can also help customers establish a brand integrity structure to ensure that the brand value of the product is maintained and continued.

North American Fundraising Q&A

It depends on your product characteristics, target market, and fundraising needs. Kickstarter is more suitable for innovative and potential products, and can attract a large number of supporters. Indiegogo is more flexible, providing more options and features. You can compare the differences between the two platforms and choose the fundraising platform that best suits you.

Yes, you can raise funds on a fundraising platform in the United States. However, you need to ensure that your products comply with local laws and regulations, and you also need to understand the market needs and cultural background of the United States.

You can first evaluate your product characteristics, target market, and fundraising goals, and then formulate a reasonable marketing budget. Generally speaking, a successful fundraising campaign requires a considerable budget, usually more than$30,000 USD, but the actual budget will vary according to your needs.

The probability of successful fundraising depends on a number of factors, such as product characteristics, fundraising goals, market demand, marketing strategies, etc. According to Kickstarter data, its fundraising success rate is about 40%. However, this does not mean that all fundraising cases can achieve their goals, so it is recommended that you need to develop a reasonable fundraising plan.

The fees of Kickstarter and Indiegogo mainly include fundraising fees, payment processing fees, and taxes. The fundraising fee is 5%, the payment processing fee is about 3%-5%, and the tax is based on the local tax rate.

When your fundraising event is successfully over, there are a few things to prepare for:

  1. Fulfill promises: After the fundraising is successful, you need to fulfill your promises, such as making and shipping products, providing feedback, and so on.
  2. Keep in touch with sponsors: It is important to keep in touch with sponsors. You can provide them with updates via email, social media, etc. so that they can understand the progress of the project.
  3. Manage the budget: When the fundraising event is successful, you need to manage the budget from the fundraising to ensure that the funds can be used effectively.
  4. Maintain brand image: After successful fundraising, your brand image will be more important, because people will pay more attention to your products and brand, so you need to work hard to maintain a good image.
  5. Achieve long-term goals: After successful fundraising, you need to think about how to achieve long-term goals, such as how to bring the project to a larger market, or how to develop new products and so on.

Let us start your fundraising journey!

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