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We do in-depth research to help you find a strategy that suits you to enter the North American market,
Create a good touch point design and marketing activities to make your brand. product. Service is seen

We have seen many cases of good products or services failing to rush into a new market. In this ever-changing market, how do we use effective tools and survey reports so that you can take the lead.

In the era of information explosion, a good brand is to allow customers to directly feel the story you want to tell. A brand is not just a logo, an identification system, or a name. It's a complete system that can convey the right message to your consumers through various touchpoints.

Good creative content will have long-term benefits. In the era of a bunch of advertisements, you need to creatively manage the touch points that your audience comes into contact with: websites, packaging, advertising, blogs... etc. How do we use the overall design benefits to make your ideas visible to the audience.

Facebook advertising is getting more and more difficult to do, and Google keyword prices are getting more and more expensive. How do you use various marketing tools to think customer-centered, so that your audience's seamless and smooth consumer experience can achieve the benefits of Omnichannel Marketing.

Kickstarter or Indiegogo are the two largest crowdfunding platforms in North America. You can effectively use these two platforms to effectively expose your new products and allow you to go public in North America to create topics.

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From Fortune 500 companies to newly established e-commerce companies and startups, we help customers from all walks of life obtain the packaging they need to build their brand influence and increase distribution.

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