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B2B Marketing

In the era of digitization, are you still spending a lot of money to go abroad to participate in exhibitions and exchange business cards? There are smarter ways to find potential customers! Make good use of tools to build a good online presence for your brand through digital advertising and content creation.

Whether you are a traditional production transformation OEM/ODM foundry, or have your own brand, we can diagnose key problems for you, and formulate long-term strategies and plans through in-depth research and analysis and rich experience judgment.

Through our many years of experience in the North American market, we can provide you with professional market analysis and strategic reports to expand business opportunities in the local market, and through our North American partners, we can help you find suitable sales channels.

B2B marketing funnel

The biggest difference between B2B and B2C marketing is that the B2B customer base is looking for a solution from a company or organization, so before placing an order, it will go through comprehensive consideration and analysis before making a purchase decision. Because of this, the B2B sales cycle is more lengthy than B2C.
Haptik's B2B brand marketing services can lead the B2B audience through every funnel link in a complete manner, so that your audience can be guided step by step at every stage, greatly increasing the success rate of conversion sales.

Attention stage


Grasp the first contact between customers and the brand and leave an unforgettable first impression. We can create a professional brand image for you and reach potential customers through Google advertising and LinkedIn marketing.

Brand / Website

Gain an in-depth understanding of your brand's target market and challenges, and build a professional website that meets your needs.

Clarify the company's values, beliefs and core spirit, find out the brand's appeal, and make the brand more attractive and convincing.

Provide consistent visual design for the website, brand, and brand surroundings, and establish a coherent brand tone and image.

Reconstruction of the image of the official website of the transmission industry



Lead Generation

Build or optimize your Linkedin page to help your brand build a professional image.

Use Sales Navigator to reach target audiences and develop potential customer groups.

Generate effective leads to extend your outreach to more potential clients.

Easily obtain contact information of various industries through commercial databases

Post regularly on Linkedin and keep interacting with followers to increase brand familiarity

Paid Ads

According to the pace of your brand's growth, adjust advertising costs and find brand keywords with high conversion rates.

To provide you with a professional advertising strategy, provide the exposure rate and conversion rate of your advertisement.

By leveraging Google, Meta, and other advertising platforms,

we ensure that your products reach the right people


Customer case

Reduce CPL by 20%in just 5 months.

Reduce CPL by 20%
in just 5 months.


Increase conversion rate by 50%

Increase conversion
rate by 50%


Consideration stage


After receiving a series of marketing stimuli, customers began to have preliminary ideas about the product, and then thought about whether they had this demand. We can deepen customers' interest in the brand through attractive Email content and text that matches the nature of the target group.

Linkedin audience development

Send highly customized messages to customer groups
Reach the audience you are looking for

Operate in-depth content to enhance Linkedin users
Trust in your brand

Target mass promotion

Target the target audience and provide topical content
Build loyal supporters for your brand

Provide professional social media promotion strategies
Help brands reach more people

Precise keywords to increase brand recognition

Domain warmup to reduce spam report

Email scheduling for the most optimized delivery time

Reach a wider audience with our comprehensive email marketing plan

Group 19
Group 19-2

Customer case


4% increase inpositive response rate

4% increase in
positive response rate


80 warm responses in 30 days from 2000 emails

80 warm responses in 30 days from 2000 emails


Evaluation phase


After successfully gaining customer attention, we use a series of content to deepen the professional image of your products, and regularly send e-newsletters to keep customers from your brand.


Regularly update the blog and send out newsletters to impress the North American masses with good content.

According to industry and business goals, write high-quality white paper content to increase brand voice.

For customers who have served in the past, write service cases, introduce project execution skills in detail, and share the challenges and solutions encountered in operating cases.

Produce professional white paper content


Blog and collaborate on cases


Make corporate videos to enhance brand image

Produce professional white paper content

Blog and collaborate on cases

Make corporate videos to enhance brand image




Once customers start to have a good experience of products and services, they will independently help you do word-of-mouth marketing to drive the long-term development of your brand. Therefore, doing a good job in after-sales interaction with customers has become the primary implementation point.

Loyalty program

Provide rewards and discounts for existing and referred customers
To increase customer loyalty

Provide rewards and promotions for existing and referring customers to increase customer loyalty

Collect customer opinions through questionnaires to identify and improve problems
Let customers feel that their opinions are valued

Collect customer opinions through questionnaires, identify and improve problems, and make customers feel that their opinions are valued

Salesforce CRM system import

Provide the CRM system in the import process
Consultation on related issues and project execution

Plan the import schedule and process logic
System conversion and convergence, education and training, etc.

B2B branding

Ask the right question
Help your brand find irreplaceable value

  • Clarify the appeal
  • Market research and data support
  • Brand building/reshaping
  • Accumulate/create content
  • Medium- and long-term marketing strategy

the Need


Branding /


Long Term
Marketing Strategy

The transformation begins immediately.

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