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Strategic planning Strategy

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North America Market Research North America Market Research

According to the product ideas that customers are expected to produce, provide North American market trend analysis, industry fashion trends, market size estimates, market entry points and other information, so that you can better focus on product exploration and R&D direction or product positioning adjustment.

Competitive Analysis Competitive Product Analysis

Provide customers with the perspective of 3C (Customer, Competitor, Company) to analyze internal advantages and disadvantages and external opportunities and threats, and then derive the priorities of attack, defense, reinforcement and improvement, avoidance strategies and recommended implementation, so that you can understand the market environment in which you are located and take further action..

Product-Market Fit Product and Market Adaptation

Provide customers with the product and market adaptability inspections they need during the product inquiry or product development phase, and match the unresolved needs of the target group in the market from the value proposition, specification, function, interface, etc. of the product, so that you can more accurately match the market demand.

Product/Market Positioning Product/Market Positioning

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the customer's products from market segmentation, target market, and positioning, and then find your best ideal customer, and provide detailed Persona and product usage scenarios, so that you can have a better idea when thinking about marketing planning themes.

Go-to-market Strategy Listing Strategy

Provide product launch strategic planning in accordance with marketing 4P to 4C, including product, price, channel, promotion and promotion activity design, effectively communicate and promote purchase behavior according to customer needs and needs, psychological value, and convenience, and tailor a suitable North American listing plan for you.

4P to 4C:

  • Product → Consumer needs & wants
  • Pricing → Cost
  • Place & Distribution → Convenience
  • Promotion → Communication

Evolved from ideas and concepts to
Effective business strategy plan

  1. Clarify your interesting ideas and concepts
  2. Evaluate the possibility and marketability of your product based on facts
  3. Understand North American market trends and current conditions
  4. Make good use of tools and data to verify assumptions
  5. Provide you with priorities for important decisions
  6. Provide you with comprehensive strategic considerations for internal integration and adaptation to the external environment
  7. Establish an exclusive business strategy and launch plan for your product



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